»  The Journal for Spirituality and Transcendental Psychology (JSTP) focuses on studies and essays concerning spirituality and mysticism.
»  JSTP regards spirituality as the inner dimension of all religious traditions. Therefore, it promotes an interreligious and transreligious perspective.
»  JSTP is mainly interested in the individual spiritual experience, reflected and investigated in a Transcendental Psychology.
»  JSTP publishes exclusively original versions of unpublished articles on a high intellectual level.
»  JSTP deals with
  • the relationship between spiritual traditions, science and different cultures;
  • questions concerning the relationship between these spiritual traditions and the individual with his/her own spiritual dimension;
  • questions concerning the relevance of the transcendental experience for the individual today and the confirmation of that relevance; ;
  • as well as all questions of intellectual and practical interest concerning the presence and the history of spirituality.
»  JSTP requires an attitude of its authors that differs from other scholarly publications through its consistency with the axiom of transcendence, by which we mean that they accept the existence and relevance of the transcendental dimension.
»  JSTP is published as an edited journal. A board of scientific advisors guarantees the quality of the published texts (see About Us).
»  JSTP from issue 2014 onwards will be published online only (full open access journal) as a continous collection of articles over a year.
»  JSTP is published in German and English. Articles may be contributed in either language. Contributions composed in both languages are also welcome. Please note the guidelines for authors above.

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