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Zeitschrift für Spiritualität und Transzendentale Psychologie 2012, 2 (2)

The Contribution of A. H. Almaas to
Transpersonal Psychology

Axel Leopoldt 


The Diamond Approach of A. H. Almaas builds on the various existing transpersonal approaches in psychotherapy. Combining the wisdom of the Sufis with modern developmental psychology, especially object relations theory, Almaas gives transpersonal psychotherapy a more comprehensive theoretical background. Another important contribution of the Diamond Approach is its precision as a method to activate essence as ontological presence and to dissolve self-images with the goal of spiritual development. Almaas extends the reach of conventional psychological theory and method to the spiritual realm and thus bridges the gap between the two.


Keywords: Essence, Transpersonal Psychology, Spiritual Ground


1) Introduction 

The postmodern separation of spirituality from institutional religion in the past century has opened up the potential for new approaches to spirituality. In simultaneous movements, psychotherapy has liberated itself from the domination of science while theology has become freer of its exclusive fixation on dogma and rigid rituals. Psychotherapy has learned more about the healing potential of religious beliefs and meditation. On the other hand, psychotherapy is increasingly accepted as a useful support in Christian religions as well as in western Buddhist spiritual practice. At the beginning, this means it functions as a support, a mutual exchange, a dialogue. Parallel to this is the mutual development of theoretical positions. Developments within psychotherapy regarding the deeper content of the psyche, on one hand, and interest within spiritual circles in the psychological ground, on the other hand, are starting to supplement each other.


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About the author

Axel Leopoldt, born 1950, medical specialist in psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic medicine, biosynthesis therapist, deep psychologically oriented psychotherapy, since 1982 disciple of Osho, since 1998 student of Almaas.

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