Zeitschrift für Spiritualität und Transzendentale Psychologie 2011, 1 (2) /
Journal for Spirituality and Transcendental Psychology 2011, 1 (2)

Discovering Your Own Holiness:

The Saint in a Transcendental Perspective

Edgar W. Harnack




Holiness is an attribute existing in all religions for people who are particularly open to the Divine. From the perspective of a transcendental psychology, not only the description of holiness, but also its practice and cultivation seem necessary, because in principle every person is called to holiness. Holiness as the realization or preliminary realization of the spiritual path can be achieved in various ways. In this essay, it is emphasized that holiness already exists in every person and the promotion of its awareness is presented according to the model of the Tibetan deity yoga.

Keywords: Holiness, inter-religious comparison, transcendental psychology


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About the author:

E. W. Harnack holds a University degree in psychology and works as a licensed psychotherapist, certified clinical supervisor, and independent scholar in Berlin, Germany

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